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IM-10TSPOOL-00z 1x 10 Tonne Hydraulic Driven Spooler

Number Available: 2
Maximum Reel Weight: 10 tonnes
Drum Speed: 0-6rpm
Max Drum Width: 1.65m
Min Drum Width: 490m
Max Drum Diameter: 2.1m
Overall Dimensions:
4.4 m(L) x 1.4m(W) x 1.9m(H)
Constant Tensions Mode:
5 tonnes (back tension)
Winching Mode:
3 tonnes Pulling force (1st layer)      
Weight: 2700kg


30 Tonne Hydraulic Spooler

Maximum Reel Weight: 30 tonnes
Drum Speed: 0-7rpm
Max Drum Width: 2.5m
Shaft Diameter: 120mm
Min Drum Width: 1m
Max Drum Diameter: 2.4 m
Stroke By Horizontal Cylinder: 1.39m
Overall Dimensions:
5.7m(L) x 2.15m(W) x 3m(H)
Constant Tensions Mode:
Max 15 tonnes (back tension)
Winching Mode:
5 tonnes Pulling force (1st layer)
Weight: 7100kg

Hire up to 30 tonne hydraulic spoolers in Perth

Our spoolers are offered in a range of capacities to suit our customers' specific requirements. Please contact us with your specific needs and our design team will work with you to achieve your goals.

For full details on our hydraulic spoolers and all of our spooling winches, contact our specialist hire team on 08 9437 3589 .

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